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Game goal: Take control of the most number of castles. Game lasts for 10 rounds, but ends when one of the players(houses) takes 7-th castle.. There is 6 houses game mode in online version.

Learn game rules!

Attention! Everything within the game process is controlled by game server. All actions can be done by left mouse click. Your turn is signed with a headline - Your turn: "type of turn" (number 1 in pictures), log-message with your house icon (number 2 in pictures), your house icon twinkles on "Iron Throne" track and on a timer-button "complete action". You need to finish your turn by the end of the timer! Maximum timer time is 10 minutes. For every turn you have +2.5 minute added to it. If timer reaches 0, you will get kicked out with a drawback added to your ratings.

Planning phase

- Choose one of your orders (marked as number 5)
- Choose order you want to place from pop-up order menu (marked as number 5)
- Repeat it I until you set all available orders you want to place (marked as 3 & 4)
- If you set all your orders or you don’t have available orders, click button “Perform action” (Marked as number 6)
P.S. "Неожиданный шаг" (замена приказа) исполняется аналогично!

"Messenger Raven"
Choose one of available moves:
- Do nothing (click "Perform action" (Marked as 5))
- Replace 1 order (click Raven sign (Marked as 4))
- Explore beneath the wall (click “Wildings” card(Marked as 3))

Action phase

- Choose one of your orders (marked as number 3)
- Click opponents icon you want to burn (marked as 4)
If there is nothing you want/can burn, click “perform action” (marked as 5)
P.S. Same goes for "Cercei Lannister" and "Queen of thorns" house cards, необходимо кликнуть на одном из доступных приказов противника. Доступные приказы имеют 100% видимости, а недоступные 50%!

- Choose one of the march orders (marked as 3)
- Choose one of a group of units
- Drag chosen units to the area you want take control of
- повторите действия с другими юнитами при необходимости
- If all you troops are gone from the area you want to keep control of, click on a semi-transparent house icon that will show on that area after you drag your units out of it (marked as 5) - Click “perform action” button (marked as 6)
P.S. "Отступление" исполняется аналогично!

In the “Battle” Tab (marked as 9) choose one of the actions:
- Not to support anyone("Neutrality" (marked as 7))
- Support chosen house ("Support" chosen house (marked as 6 ))
Дома которые ещё не определились с поддержкой отображаются между картами соперников (помечено цифрой 5)
P.S. Если вы не нуждаетесь в поддержке дома, заявите об этом до боя и надейтесь, что вас не обманут!

- Go to the “House” tab menu
- Choose your card (marked as 3)
P.S. Аналогично выполняются действия требующие выбора карт Домов (Пестряк, Квиберн)!

"Valyrian Steel Blade"
Choose one of the following actions (marked as 3):
- Add +1 to your battle strength (Button "+1 to strength")
- Replace your “Tides of battle” card ("Tides of battle" button)
- Do not use blade (“Don’t use" button or “Perform action” button)
P.S. If blade was used in this round, it will be shown between house strength during the battle in the “Battle” tab (marked as 4)!

Vesteros Phase

Crown orders are used step by step!
- Choose one of the orders (marked as 3)
- Drag units you want to muster to the territories you want them to be placed
- To upgrade footman to a knight, drag knight on top of a footman
- Click “perform action (marked as 4)
P.S. Для получения жетона власти за особый приказ усиления власти (на этапе фазы действий), нажмите на кнопку "Исполнить ход", не прибегая к сбору войск!

"Units Dissmissal"
- Choose unit or a group of units you want to be gone
- Click "Perform action"
P.S. ВНИМАНИЕ! Будут распущены все выделенные юниты!

"Vesteros Event"
Read the Event card and choose one of the actions you want to be played by clicking on appropriate number (Marked as 3).

"Король решает притязания (Одичалые)"
Прочитайте карту события и выберите один из доступных Домов (помечено цифрой 4).

"Король решает притязания (треки)"
- перетащите жетон на другой жетон в своей категории (помечено цифрой 3 и 4)
- нажмите на кнопку "Исполнить ход" (помечено цифрой 5)

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