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All the ratings are calculated based on statistics during last three months. Thus, we get a dynamic rating system where newcomers and old players have equal chances to be in the top.

Rating system consists of four scales:

  1. Mind (battle rating) - relation between amount of victories and total amount of games a player took part in. Substitution games count only if the player wants them to.
  2. Honour (reliability rating) - relation between finished games and total amount of games.
  3. Charm (peoples rating) - difference between likes and dislikes a player earned.

House Statistics - reflects victory persentage for a particular House (2nd-6th places count, victory gives 100%, second place 80% etc).
Westeros Statistics - Mean value of all ratings and players that took part in calculation. Only victories count in global house statistics.

Leader board - is a list of players that have at least 48 hours of game experience and at least 10 finished games. Players who did not visit the game withing 7 days are not displayed.

Passing rating - playes, when they create a game, may set passing raiting in it (not more than their own rating). Player with a rating lower than the passing rating will not be able to play unless he or she substitutes a leaver.


  1. Royal pardon - If a player left because of server reboot, this will not affect his Honour Rating. Gathering time for players increases to 10 minutes.
  2. Mercenary - If you substituted a player and played to the end, you decide yourself whether this game affects your Mind rating or not. This is a reliable way to raise Honour rating.
  3. Watcher - If you spared some time on the move, you get extra time next move. Otherwise you become a 'leaver'.
  4. Leaver - If you leave a game before it ends, you are banished from this particular game.
  5. Scout - It is possible to leave a game for up to 5 minutes with an ability to return to it. (leave on your own, or your link drops etc).


I am planning to develop a number of achievements that will be displayed in players' profiles. With your support, of course :)

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