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In this thread I invite everyone to post interesting stories you have ever seen in Game of Thrones. The authors and the translators into Russian will receive a special title of "Maester" for each article :)

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Разбор ошибок новичков. Дом Старков. Loading...
1969 3 0
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Западные войны. Loading...
1934 5 0
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Разбор ошибок новичков. Дом Ланнистеров Loading...
1883 4 0
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Ранняя война Ланнистера и Грейджоя Loading...
1595 6 0
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Analysis beginners mistakes: House Baratheon. Loading...
2807 4 0
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Хроники Северной войны или Вестерос убивает Loading...
2232 3 0
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