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Update 3.07-3.08

2019-04-23 00:13:55Z

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- classics for 5 players
- changes in localization for foreign languages

In the next versions I plan:
- implement classics for 3-4 players
- correct addon of "a Dance with Dragons"

I not planning:

- make addon "Mother of dragons". It's a lot of work, me need to digitized the map. Be the digitized map - it does not scan! The last time I make for this special program with which I can spend point along all borders, unite them in the territory, to identify their characteristics, to specify the relationships between them, arrange the display position of elements on the map, etc. Program was lost and it will have to make again, and so it is desirable that the data from this version was compatible with the last. New mechanics, new heroes of houses that contradict each other and often destroy the basic mechanics of the game. All this should be long to write and debug. So I'm not signing up for this anymore! Everyone has a chance to make this self and depose my pedestal of the Creator of the electronic version of the Board game :)

Your help will be useful (free of charge):

- improved localization of the languages represented in the game (leave comments here and adding new languages (provide a mini copy of the localization file for editing)

- designer photoshop (you may have noticed how I "ideally" drew numbers under the avatars stark?) I'm Sure you can work on the content in the game. Even a set of pictures with different localization could be done.

- articles on the game and their translation into English.

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