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Analysis beginners mistakes: House Baratheon.

2019-04-01 14:06:18Z

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Since the majority voted "for" analysis of errors of beginners, I decided to write after all. Please don't throw dirty rags and rotten vegetables at me. First of all, I write my thoughts. They may not coincide with your opinion, but that is no reason to reproach me for deliberate lies.

House Baratheon

Mistake №1. One of the most important mistakes Baratheon-inability to make diplomatic relations. The war with Martell is too bloody. The war with the Lannisters is clearly not for beginners. In this issue newcomers on Baratheon easier, of course, to fight with the Starks, but it does mean that Greyjoy is at war with Lannister and very soon there will be race favorite (lucky with the Westeros - favorite is Lannister, no luck - Greyjoy). Therefore Baratheon always have to strive first to establish relations with all the houses, and then to go somewhere headlong. Let's look at what each of the houses can be useful to us? The Alliance with Martell - is, first and foremost, Doran's not you, it support at sea in case of breaking of the sea, Tyrell and safe for some time rear + possible to twist a hand in Storm's end. Shortcomings: when you gather -??? penetrate stark sea (or if punched a hole in his in the first move), Martell - the only house, able you stop. A long war on 2 fronts he is unlikely to pull, but shit right now. Yes and swords, to inflict substantial damage, have him, too, lack. Alliance with Lannister. Gives us nothing but support on the Tracks at the Battle of kings, because one of you two will forever claim the iron stool+scroll in the Blackwater and Claw. In case of a failed war with stark - support from the Blackwater. Disadvantages: even completely destroyed Tyrell + Lannister lands are 6 castles. The nearest available seventh castle in Lannister is King's Landing or Claw. Also, if you scroll arms it is necessary to closely to the Lannister will not be tempted to use against you, Cersei or Tyrion. In peace with Greyjoy, the Lannisters are always the favorites of the game. Almost any Westeros. The Alliance with the Starks. This Union gives you a quick hand scroll (Ruse Bolton will consistently come to you 1-2 times a round) and a reliable defense in the sea, if gray is struggling with stark, and he has the opportunity to put support in the Narrow sea. Remember that when using the map of Salador Saan, ships from the support of stark will also be exhausted. Shortcomings: carte without swords you have many, but most of them need you in tactics: Salador Saan, Renly Pestrak, Stannis, Davos, Stannis yet in hand...the choice is not particularly interesting, and stark will ask you to twist the hand without the sword.

The Alliance with the Tyrell. In my opinion - the strangest choice. Yes, the Queen of Thorns will not be played in You, but what Does this Union give you? Most likely, the condition of this Union is the use of Pestryka to eliminate Arianna from the hands of a Martell or Tyrion of Lannister hands. Which will ultimately lead to a strengthening of Tyrell, and you will not give absolutely nothing. However, you can eat Martell in the first 2-3 rounds. But exactly the same time you need to Lannister to become punctured and can fight both of you)))

End, diplomacy Baratheon, depending on the choice of Greyjoy enemy should be like this:

1. Greyjoy's at war with stark. Then Baratheon peace with stark and neutrality with Lannister. Trying not to die from Martell and waiting for a chance to hit Lannister in the rear. Attempts to hack Martell, given his deck and support at sea from Tyrell, are unlikely to lead you to success.

2. Greyjoy's at war with Lannister. Then the best option for you is peace with Martell and armed neutrality with stark. So you're both building a minimum of ships. Just enough to not be able to threaten each other, and all the other forces throw to the West. Otherwise, as mentioned above, one of the Greyjoy-Lannister pair will win much faster.

3. With Tyrell always important neutrality. When the war in the East against the West, it is hardly possible. In all other cases, try to agree on neutrality at least on land. Believe me, the profit will be more.

Mistake № 2. On Tasere says that "farmer" scenario for Baratheon is the best. A lie. If your opponent is stark or Martell, you can play 1 campaign, crown and troop Collection. But your opponents also read Tesera. And most likely, they will walk the same way. But at the same time each of them has the opportunity to take more Collection points (locks) than you. In the end, when Gathering troops, they will be much stronger than you, and only when the Battle you will have the advantage (but Martell is Doran that this advantage is annihilated). If your opponent is a Lannister, you should DEFINITELY take King's Landing in the first move. If Lannister plays 3 campaign, he will stretch the troops and you will have a chance to throw it back. If he plays the campaign and the Collection of troops, you get the advantage: you go before, and will fight on its territory. And in this case from whom initiative, the and wins.

Mistake №3. Motley in the first move. Tactic is long outdated. Stark to throw a Ruse, Martell - Oberyn. Perhaps nice, but as mentioned above, in the case of the Collection of troops, the opponents will have a superiority in manpower than they will not use. And sooner or later, and simply will crush Baratheon with his 2 barrels.Much more interesting (in my opinion) to go with 1 ship and throw Stannis. More or less experienced players will play 3-Ki, and both of your sea neighbors are without swords. I. e., the ship is alive, and you have 2 threes, one of which with a sword.

Mistake №4. Implementation of three campaigns. If the enemy Baratheon not Lannister, and some decide to gamble with three campaigns. Why the adventure? Because to two homes, dependent on Westeros (gray and Tyrell) you voluntarily attach yourself. But even in this case, it is necessary to reduce the risks to a minimum. Play +1 hike in the Forest, not the sea. To take King's Landing is more profitable than to save Stannis on the sea. But if stark is going to play 1 campaign and 2 of the crown (or marine will play the first campaign), campaign +easier 1 you will break through White Harbor.

Mistake №5. To give the Throne to Stannis 5-Ki. This should be done not just because you get +1 strength, but consciously. At the right time. Not always +1 to the combat power of one card is worth it to play defensively, i.e. Not be able to deliver a preemptive strike. In the war with the Lannister in General is all about the initiative, and refusing the benefits of the first move, you are likely to very soon be pressed if not to the sea, then to the coast for sure. And this is not the way to victory.

Here, in principle, the basic error Baratheon. If the information was useful, ready to put the same analysis for the Lannisters and the rest. Propose a to discuss.

Author: Stas Suhovey - LOMOTS

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