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Update 2.45

2015-10-11 21:00:00Z

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- changed the counting system rating
- added new medals

12.10.2015 04:30 UTC

Look at numeration in the image below!

1. "Mind" - Number of wins ratio to total number of finished games (Replacements don't count).
2. "Honor" - ratio of finished to abandoned games.
3. "Charm" - Difference of likes to dislikes.
4. Graph "By Houses" - shows player's efficiency for every house he played, 2nd, 3rd, e.t.c. places are counted(not wins exclusively)
5. Base awards - number of victories for every house you played and a medal for amount of victories for all the houses.
6. Temporary awards - maximum number of wins, efficiency for every house among all the players, maximum number of victories for all the houses, maximum in-game time spent.

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