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Update 3.17-3.19

2019-05-25 07:00:00Z

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Update 3.19
Changes made:
- displaying bets on bidding for influence tracks

Update 3.18
- sound message settings for general chat
Changes made:
- cleared the sound of the message for the silenced user
- ignoring black lists of players when entering a game in which a player participated earlier
- distribution of the same house when returning to the lot, if it is available
- distribution of houses depending on the number of games played for a particular house

Update 3.17
- a timer to return to the game party (for those who like to watch other games before the start of the game)
- Automatic connection to the party after the client update or an unexpected error (it will work from the next update). That there were no questions "And how will they return?" or "And how to understand what game I played?"
Changes made:
- to display the chat and the sign of the house occupied in the party
- the control buttons for the map and the screenshot have been moved (top left)
- removed all autotranslation buttons. Now simply click on the text (available for - the player's name, the text of the chat message, the name of the game, the donation comment).

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