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Update 2.93

2016-07-15 02:00:00Z

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- Account Merge Fix
- Leavers' return fix
- Donation counter

Account Merge Fix

If you have several accounts and you want to merge them, you have to meet several requirements:
- One of the accounts should have title Peasant or higher in order to open game settings
- Last login from the accounts to be merged has to be done from the same PC, the same Windows Acount
- The account being merged should not be used for the last 2 days

If all the requirements are met, there will be a list of accounts in Game Settings. Enter extra password in field 1, click Avatar 2. After the merging is finished (this may take several seconds) you will see a notification. All the data will be merged. One merged account helps in case one of the Networks used for authorization is down.

Leavers' return fix

One leave is acceptable now. You may return if you left the table yourself or if the link dropped - if your seat is vacant yet. After second leave you will be added to table 'black list'. The rule applies after the game start. If you leave the table before start, you are placed in the 'black list' at once. The black list is cleared after game start.

Donation counter

There is a donaction counter on the site home page. It reflects the difference between players' value of my work and my own :) The less difference there is the more player change requests will be granted :)))

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