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Happy birthday to me :)

2015-12-24 21:00:00Z

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- added some pathos to the game.

From 04:30 GMT

Happy birthday to me :)
I added some pathos to the game. A short intro video during profiles load and also the series main melody. The melody plays once at each start but you may turn it off. Just set zero sound level in the application settings. The settings can be accessed by players with title 'Farmer' or higher. :))
And finally, in honour of such a remarkable event - special action "Two Titles at the cost of one." The promotion is valid from 04:30 25.12.15 to 04:00 26.12.15 GMT. The idea behind it is simple: the amount of donation is doubled. By the way, it is a good chance to gain special title "Master of Coin" granted to a player who made a maximum overall donation.
P.S. A world conquest map for you - this year site statistics :)))

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