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North Remembers

2019-07-17 15:33:03Z

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Game for the house of Starks is the easiest for beginners in the sense of survival. Gray will not sail soon and most likely without a sword. Well, you need to be completely brainless to pissed off the sea to Baratheon. And storming the stronghold of Winterfell through the narrow moat Ceylin is hopeless too. On the other hand, winning without betraying the allies is quite difficult. But the chances of winning with the honor are real. You just need to put orders without errors and go to pray Gods of North every Sabbath.

The beginning is simple as e2-e4. Hike the sea with march +1 to prevent Bara’s temptation. Farm in Winterfell to rule over the seas :)

Now we need to attend to the search for allies. I would prefer to be an ally of Gray, since Beylon with a pick is hard to stop. But if Gray is intractable, then Bar is also a very useful friend, as he is the Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Sea.

In this game, I secured an alliance with the very strange Grey, who was at the same time reconciled with Lanny. A North-South war was formed in which the role of Grey and Martell is not entirely clear, but on the other hand, such valuable time will be gained for collecting barrels and searching for crowns. So, the union of 6 stars and 1 sword moved his hordes south!

My game plan for Starks in any alliance is to go by ship to the Narrow Sea, take with a pawn the Moony Mounts, farm the ships in the west and east. Two reasons to take the Moony with the first move: 1. We insure against Baratheon’s intervention, both enemy and friendly “to cover Claw.” 2. Support the Eyrie attack ...

... that we are doing by the next trip!

Here I was too careful. I could take the Claw for one round. But not to take the Eyrie by the second move often means not to take at all.

In the second round, the Wilds threw everyone onto the bottom of the supply, but a miracle! - I am going to the farm to the maximum, because at first the expansion into the regions plays for Stark. There are no horses stuck in the fortresses - you can farm without missed opportunities.

As you have noticed and already booing - I am a verticalist. But in justification I would say that the house of the Stark is the only role where it is convenient to play with a vertical map.

Then we take free territories and observe how Lanni and Bara are draining their resources.

And here in the third round the Brotherhood of the Ring fell apart. Lani took the throne at the bidding before Wildlings attack. Gray and Tyr have 0 tokens. I put 0 in the calculation that Lani will not choose a sattelite as a lowest bidder.

Cunning blood of Lani: chooses an ally as a lowest bidder! Me: WTF bro??? Lani: I don’t want you win!

Losing 2 squad, 1 castle with a crown and 1 land with a crown. I declare a crusade to Lanny. Bara agrees to peace. Gray after a short hesitation declares war on me.

I spend a whole round to get the lost troops back and regain control of the lost territories.

Treason did not help Lanny. Tyr did not appreciate the salvation from the lowest rate and crushed the lions in the Sea Marks.

Bara beats traitor in Harrenhall!

Lani knew all the bitterness of betrayal! Casterly Rock is on fire!

Well, well, it's time to beat the drums, blow the bagpipes. The troops of the North began a triumphal march to the south! Saved tokens, good influence tracks, full hand had helped me.

Martell is trying to slow down a former ally of Tyrell and strikes in the rear. Without success!

Martell, Gray, and Lannister are cast out of despair. The silver banner of Direwolf flies proudly over Sigard!

Last round - one order! Game is over!


1. Take the Moony and farm in the western and eastern seas first. Eyrie – second.

2. Do not repeat the fate of Robb and Ned. Collect crowns and barrels while other players grind cards and troops in a meat grinder.

3. Do not betray allies! The honor of a knight is more important than a rating!

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