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Authorization via Facebook is available again

2019-02-19 10:23:31Z

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Facebook: "Thank you for helping us set up your Board Game of Thrones: Online app. The application now complies with the platform Policy. We appreciate your commitment to making the app as user-friendly as possible."

I was lucky and my Registrar gave me ssl on the action for free for 12 months. The cost of the extension is not yet clear, on the website of the certification center it costs about $ 250 per year! And now let's think about why it is necessary. Previously, authorization via facebook was free. Previously, you could publish from app to user pages to attract more users, but now you can't. The ability to exchange instant messages through the application has not been provided before. I don't need anything else from facebook. So if they're depriving me of everything I need from them, why bother with them anymore?

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